MIPCOM Spotlight: Newen Connect


Produced by Lucky Red for Sky in Italy, Christian is a six-part mystery crime series on offer from Newen Connect.

It follows the destiny of a 35-year-old man, born and raised in the worst criminal suburb of Rome, who works for a local crime family.

Also a six-parter, Lost Luggage is a psychological drama for VRT and ARTE produced by De Mensen.

“A poignant series inspired by real events, Lost Luggage focuses on one strong female lead, her efforts to overcome the most challenging situation and the throwbacks from her past,” says Leona Connell, executive VP of distribution at Newen Connect.

Meanwhile, Imago, an animated fantasy adventure series for kids, features sweet little creatures that are created when the imagination of a child meets a little magic.

“MIPCOM is a big market for us, as a lot of the programs we’ve been pitching throughout 2021 are launching now,” says Connell.