Self-Shot Lockdown Comedy from Baby Cow


Baby Cow Productions has rolled out Key Worker, an original online comedy series self-shot by Jon Pointing (Plebs, Pls Like) while volunteering for a local food bank.

Pointing and his partner Sarah signed up to volunteer at their local food bank after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. When the effects of the coronavirus pandemic struck in March, they were called in to help deliver food and essentials to members of the community around South East London. While doing the rounds, Pointing filmed his visits to the local shops and socially-distant doorstep drop-offs in character as “Bradley from Bromley.” Key Worker is the self-shot comedy series that resulted, following a twenty-something who finds a new purpose in life.

The first three episodes of Key Worker are available now via the Mr Box YouTube Channel. The final episode will be released on May 19.

Pointing said: “Just before the lockdown I’d been testing out the character of Bradley at gigs. His heart is in the right place—he’s a bit of an idiot at times but a well-meaning one. He’s never made much of a life but lockdown has forced something of a level playing field on society and for some reason he finds himself flourishing in the most unlikely of situations. I wanted to make a character that people would enjoy spending time with. It feels sweeter than the sort of thing I would normally do—I think the reality of the situation dictated that.”

Steve Coogan, creative director at Baby Cow Productions, said: “We’re really proud of Key Worker at Baby Cow. It’s warm, funny and beautifully observed. Jon Pointing’s created in Bradley an unlikely hero for these strange times.”