Brainpool TV Launching Luke, Alone at Home in Germany


Brainpool TV, a Banijay Group company, is set to debut the new interactive show Luke, Alone at Home on SAT.1 in Germany.

A live show, Luke, Alone at Home will see a camera rig capture Luke Mockridge as he stays at home with the nation amid the coronavirus pandemic. In each episode, the comedian and entertainer will gather the audience at his campfire to discuss what people do to stop the walls closing in, what they are doing differently while in quarantine and more. Luke, Alone at Home will air daily from March 23.

Luke, Alone at Home is produced by Brainpool TV in collaboration with Lucky Pics on behalf of SAT.1.

Mockridge said: “Maybe we can become the German equivalent of the Italian balcony! An injection of happy-go-lucky with music, talk, switching around the world and the challenge of not only broadcasting every day, but somehow coming through this difficult time together! I’ll do it as long as you’re with me!”

Kaspar Pfl-ger, SAT.1’s managing director, added: “In these times, live television is particularly important. In the morning, SAT.1 informs its viewers much more intensively with the reduction of breakfast television. And at night, we invite viewers to sit with and next to Luke on the couch, so that the crucial home-being becomes lighter and more enjoyable. Thank you, Luke, for doing this wonderful, anarchic show from your improvised studio with us.”