Actor Javier Cámara Makes Directorial Debut with Vamos Juan


Javier Cámara has swapped sides of the camera for the first time in his career to direct one of the seven episodes of Vamos Juan, the sequel to the TNT original series Vote Juan.

The Spanish series is produced by 100 Balas, part of The Mediapro Studio, and WarnerMedia. The sequel to Vote Juan once again revolves around the character of politician Juan Carrasco, played by Cámara. It has been two years since the end of the first season and far from the spotlights of public life, Carrasco leads a simple life in Logroño, working as a biology teacher. However, his political ambition has not waned and he decides to return to Madrid and start a new political party.

Vamos Juan features the same principal cast as Vote Juan. Vamos Juan also features collaboration from actors including José Manuel Cervino (13 Roses), Alberto San Juan (Sidetracked), Jesús Vidal (Champions) and Anna Castillo (The Olive Tree), who appears in the episode directed by Cámara.

Filming for Vamos Juan finished this week in Madrid and the series is scheduled for release on TNT during the first half of 2020.

“These things happen to me for playing with fire, sticking my hooter into matters that are none of my business, for being a bigmouth,” said Cámara. “The excellent feeling and trust we generated during the filming of Vote Juan and Vamos Juan resulted in an absurd proposal that somehow insanely managed to become a reality…”

He continued, “With the utmost respect for directors the world over, whom I now have a much more profound respect for, I have dared to direct an episode of Vamos Juan cloaked in the best possible team and with absolutely all the best cards up my sleeve…Right now we’ve finished the filming phase and now we’re starting to edit and try to wrap this wonderful season in the most glorious of all wrapping papers. I apologize in advance for the boldness and irresponsibility, but if anyone should have to foot the bill for this, it should be the person who was mad enough to offer the chance to me. I’m not to blame, I love playing around and everything comes naturally. Some time ago I stopped being afraid and I chance my arm at anything. Even doing things wrong.”