NATPE Budapest Spotlight: Russia Television and Radio/Sovtelexport


There’s a bevy of dramas from Russia Television and Radio (RTR) on offer from Sovtelexport, including the period piece Godunov.

Set in the 16th century, the historical series focuses on the Russian Tsar Boris Godunov. Blackout, meanwhile, is set in Russia during the turbulent times of the 1990s and centers on a veteran of the Soviet-Afghan war who struggles to find his place after returning home. The drama Two Tickets Home is about an orphan out for revenge against the father she only recently learned is alive and in prison for her mother’s murder.

“Every year the RTR catalog is being replenished by the best and most successful local productions,” says Julia Matiash, the director of Sovtelexport. The company also represents animated shows, including Piglet and Mountain of Gems.

“Our mission has always been to introduce the best Russian TV products to the world,” adds Matiash.