MIPTV Spotlight: Russia Television and Radio


CANNES: The Russia Television and Radio documentary World Order analyzes the current geopolitical situation and includes an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Also in the way of factual, Expedition offers a snapshot of Russia’s natural landscapes, shot in 4K and 6K. There are also dramas, including Russian Beauty, set against the backdrop of the fashion world during the 1960s. “Our catalogue contains big-budget historical costume dramas, top-quality screenings of Russian classic literature, entertainment series, factual programs of current interest and unique 4K nature and wildlife content,” says Julia Matyash, the director of Sovtelexport, the distribution arm of Russia Television and Radio. “Every buyer can find a special, appealing program in our vast catalogue.”

“Our catalogue is special because it includes only the best programming recently produced in Russia from different genres,” Matyash adds.