SPI International/FilmBox & net+ Renew Distribution Agreement


Switzerland’s net+ will continue to carry SPI International/FilmBox’s FilmBox Arthouse, DocuBox HD and Fast&FunBox HD channels.

net+ began carrying the channels in 2016. The FilmBox Arthouse channel showcases classic and contemporary Hollywood movies and independent art house productions, while DocuBox features a collection of documentaries, and Fast&FunBox is the home of extreme sports from around the world.

Georgina Twiss, managing director for Western Europe and Africa at SPI International, said: “We are happy to announce that we have renewed the distribution agreement we started in 2016. net+ customers will continue to have access to three of the SPI’s most popular channels: Fast&FunBox, DocuBox and FilmBox Arthouse. Switzerland is an important territory for us and net+ is a valued partner.”