Blue Zoo’s Tom Box to Chair Animation Skills Council


The ScreenSkills Animation Skills Council is re-launching next year, with Tom Box, co-founder and managing director of Blue Zoo Animation Studio, tentatively appointed as the new chair.

The council’s revival is meant to help with the skills shortages in U.K. animation, including 2D artists and 3D modeling artists. ScreenSkills is collaborating with such partners as Animation UK and Pact, as well as colleagues in film, to identify appropriate members for the new council. The goal is to find representatives from companies working in animation and paying contributions into the Animation Skills Fund.

Box commented: “The skills issues faced by our industry are more prominent than ever before. The booming demand for animated content means there is a huge demand for a highly skilled workforce, but there are risks to growth from skills shortages, a lack of diversity and inclusion in the industry, and the changing political landscape. I very much look forward to joining the council to help bring united action to build an even stronger workforce.”