SPI Places Gametoon HD Channel in Sweden


SPI International has signed a new agreement with Swedish TV provider Kalejdo for the worldwide entertainment channel Gametoon HD.

This deal sees Gametoon HD—which focuses on gaming and e-sports—being introduced to Swedish audiences. Kalejdo already carries such SPI channels as 360TuneBox, DocuBox, Fast&FunBox, FightBox and FilmBox Arthouse.

Erik Dahlström, the CEO of Kalejdo Bredband, remarked: “With an ever increasing number of people that are into e-sports, Gametoon HD is the greatest companion for the latest news, games and updates. We are very happy to present to the Swedish market a completely new TV channel with high-quality content. Game on!”

Georgina Twiss, SPI’s managing director for Southern/Western Europe and Africa, added: “We are happy to announce the addition of our e-sports and gaming channel, Gametoon HD, bringing exclusive content to the demanding and ever growing Swedish gaming community. Kalejdo has been a key launch partner to SPI in Sweden and I am sure this is a relationship which will go from strength to strength.”