ARTE Distribution & Poland’s NC+ Renew Output Deal


ARTE Distribution and Poland’s NC+ have inked a three-year renewal of their output deal.

The agreement includes the purchase of a minimum of 5 hours a year and at least five hours of presales of all types of documentaries. Most of the films will broadcast on the documentary channel Planete+, the cooking channel Kuchina+, and the lifestyle and garden channel Domo+.

As its first selection, NC+ has chosen 62 hours of programming, including Four Sisters. The group is also pre-buying the series Volcanos Among US and Monuments of Legend.

Celine Payot Lehmann, head of ARTE Distribution, said, “ARTE offers a wide selection going from history, investigation, culture, fashion, discovery and nature. Deals like these are ideal to put our entire catalog forward.”

“It’s a nice combination of quality and quantity,” added Joanna Zawistowska, programming manager for NC+. “The Polish market is highly competitive and many broadcasters are looking for this type of content. I’m like a kid in a candy store!”

Zawistowska continued, “It’s the first time we included pre-buys in an output deal—a big step for us that’s essential to secure rights on our territory.”