MIPCOM Spotlight: Imagina International Sales


A new thriller for Spain’s TVE, I’m Alive (Estoy Vivo) is being presented by Imagina International Sales to buyers attending the market in Cannes.

The story follows an inspector who, after suffering a fatal accident, is returned to Earth in another body to track down his killer. “Its first broadcast had the biggest audience ratings for a new series on TVE in the last two years,” says Beatriz Setuain, the company’s managing director.

Another highlight is Lifeline (Pulsaciones). “A hot-blooded thriller for Antena 3’s demanding audiences, it spins from a medical plot to a grounded supernatural twist,” says Setuain.

There is also Crush, a game show that “has it all,” according to Setuain, including “a big prize to win, a high-impact stage and a very intense challenge among the players.”

“We are bringing a very exciting and bold lineup of fiction series and entertainment formats,” Setuain notes.