EFM Spotlight: ZDF Enterprises


BERLIN: Ken Duken stars in the Berlin-set crime series Tempel, on offer from ZDF Enterprises (ZDFE).

The show centers on a 41-year-old male nurse who rejoins a criminal organization in order to save his family from financial ruin.

ZDF and ZDFE teamed up with Australia’s Werner Film Productions to co-produce Dance Academy: The Comeback, a feature-length movie based on the teen drama series Dance Academy.

A third highlight for ZDFE is The Fall, a cat-and-mouse thriller led by Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. The series delivers “a huge serving of glamor and suspense, of dark and rainy days in a Belfast that still vibrates with a vague feeling of uneasiness,” says Alexander Coridass, the president and CEO of ZDFE. He notes that both stars bring “megawatt charisma and looks to their roles.”

Coridass adds: “These programs clearly bear the stamp of the finest European productions.”

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