Armoza Formats Places Finished Content in CEE


TEL AVIV: Armoza Formats has licensed the Canadian finished tapes of the celebrity game show Only One Knows to Russia’s Questions and Answers (QAA) in an agreement made in collaboration with Media Thor@.

Only One Knows looks on as five famous individuals compete every day for a week in a quiz that tests both their general knowledge and their intuition. The show has aired more than 700 episodes on French Canada’s TVA. QAA will broadcast 100 episodes of the program, locally titled Who Knows What He Knows, starting next month.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian version of Armoza Formats’ Connected was recently picked up in Poland, where the 40-episode show is now airing on WPI. Connected uses cameras to film the lives of participants with parallel stories as they experience life-changing journeys of self-discovery.

Avi Armoza, the CEO of Armoza Formats, noted: “We are very proud to be bringing these shows to audiences in Russia and Poland. The increasing openness to content from across the globe highlights the search for enjoyable content regardless of language, and enables us to reach more viewers with strong stories and universally relatable formats.”