Content Media & Palatin Establish Global Partnership


MUNICH/LONDON: A new partnership between Palatin Media and Content Media Corporation will see the two working together to source and acquire shows as well as to co-distribute in the international market.

Their first joint campaign includes Banger Films’ Hip-Hop Evolution, a four-part documentary about the foundation and evolution of hip-hop music for TMN/HBO Canada. It also features the Netflix thriller Between.

Bernd Schlötterer, founder of Palatin Media, commented, “Greg and his team at Content Media share our values and ambitions on delivering strong content to broadcasters and platforms around the world. We’re very pleased to partner on the distribution of Hip-Hop Evolution and Between in what we are expecting to be the first of many successful collaborations.”

Greg Phillips, the president of distribution at Content Media, added, “In this ever-evolving business landscape it’s increasingly beneficial to work together and share expertise and experience to maximize the international potential of content. From sourcing globally-relevant programming to providing impeccable customer service, I’m confident that we will make a very effective team and I look forward to working with Palatin Media on the first joint campaigns.”