ZDFE Adds Sitcom Blockbustaz to Catalog


MAINZ: ZDFE.entertainment, the division of ZDF Enterprises (ZDFE) responsible for format marketing, has added the sitcom Blockbustaz to its slate.

The format and finished episodes are currently available. Based on the work of lead screenwriter Niklas Hoffmann and directed by Jan Markus Linhof, Blockbustaz tells the story of Sol Berger, played by rapper Eko Fresh, who has been living at home with his single mother since childhood, but is kicked out on this 30th birthday. It is set in one of Cologne’s less desirable neighborhoods.

Another season of the series is in production, and ZDFE is co-producing and distributing Blockbustaz worldwide.

Sylvia Brucker, the VP of ZDFE.entertainment, commented, “Blockbustaz is definitely something that works very well not just in Germany, but every country that has a hip-hop culture. The themes covered in this series are relevant not just in a big city like Cologne, but Parisian suburbs, the Bronx of New York, or the Scampia in Naples.”

Studio Hamburg Enterprises published the accompanying DVD in German-speaking territories.