English Club TV Launches in Hungary


LONDON: The educational channel English Club TV has become available in Hungary via the telecommunications service Magyar Telekom.

The channel is available on Magyar Telekom’s linear and on-demand platforms as part of the Filmvilág package and MoziKlub SVOD service on the network. English Club TV uses both hour-long and half-hour programming blocks to help viewers grow their vocabulary and improve their grammar and pronunciation.

Andrew Semchenko, the CEO of English Club TV Group, commented: “Like in a reputable educational establishment our schedule is similar to a lesson plan or curriculum, including lectures, seminars, breaks and extra-curriculum activities since learning should be well-balanced. For the best watching and learning experience our programs are strategically grouped into 30- to 45-minute educational blocks depending on the level of English: BLOCK A for elementary level, BLOCK B for intermediate, BLOCK C for advanced learners, boosting your English to a higher level. To keep balance between education and entertaining, each block is followed by specially adapted content with embedded pre-teach and vocabulary, subtitles and tasks for better understanding and memorizing.”

He adds, “Also we want to satisfy some special demands of our audience. More and more people are learning English for enhancing their careers. Our specialized block of programs will help them enrich their vocabulary and supply them with lots of useful and interesting facts about economics, industries and entrepreneurship. To keep balance between education and entertaining, English Club TV broadcasts popular films and cartoons with a special pre-teach section, vocabulary and subtitles. And, of course, we have [the] 40-minute Kids Zone for our little viewers.”