International Revenues Drive Gains for U.K. Indies


LONDON: International revenues for British independent production companies were up 12 percent in 2013 to £939 million ($1.6 billion), according to new figures released by Pact.

According to trade body, the U.K.'s independent TV production sector is worth more than £3 billion ($5.1 billion) to the British economy. International earnings account for almost a third of the sector's value. U.K. primary commissioning of indie programming gained 8.4 percent to £1.67 billion ($2.9 billion).

Factual entertainment showed the biggest gains, rising from 12 percent of commissions to 17 percent. The most in-demand genre is entertainment, with 34 percent of commissions, followed by drama with 31 percent.

"We must celebrate the success of our TV industry in the U.K.," said John McVay, chief executive of Pact. "With decades of award-winning programs produced both here and around the world, U.K. television is yet again showing why it is one of the leading creative industries. At the heart of that success is our independent production sector, which brings competition, innovation and entrepreneurship to the benefit of broadcasters and viewers. International audiences want British TV productions—commissioners know they will get the highest quality of programming when they buy British. This is a major business success story and it is testament to the talent in the U.K.’s indie production sector."