Ludwig Bauer Resigns from TMG


MUNICH: Dr. Ludwig Bauer has announced that after eight years with Tele München Group he is leaving the company at the end of 2013.

Bauer helped reorganize the launch of TELE 5 in Germany and also was instrumental in the development of the ATV channels in Austria. When ATV was acquired by TMG in fall 2007, Bauer spearheaded its transformation into the number one commercial broadcaster in Austria. ATV2 was founded as a second channel in late 2011.

Bauer commented: “It was incredibly fascinating to develop these channels during such challenging years. The creative freedom that Herbert G. Kloiber accorded to me so that I could newly position the broadcasters TELE 5 and ATV, as well as to launch ATV2, was one-of-a-kind, and the acquisition power of TMG was extraordinarily impressive. With the support of talented and creative colleagues, we managed to raise these channels to a higher level and integrate them synergistically with other TMG firms as successful platforms. After more than five years in Austria, I could no longer put off my decision to return to Munich for personal reasons, even as I remain filled with pride for what we built up and achieved.”

Herbert G. Kloiber, chairman of TMG, added: “I am immensely grateful to Ludwig Bauer, who successfully headed our Austrian TV commitment and built it up with great dedication in these turbulent times. His profound knowledge, as well as the deliberate and strategic way he thinks and acts, have considerably advanced the position of the ATV broadcasters in the past five years.”