MIPCOM Spotlight: Dutch Features Global Entertainment


The dark side of football is exposed in the Dutch Features Global Entertainment highlight The Fix when international sports star Johnny de Graaf becomes entangled in a shady world of corruption and match-fixing.

Money struggles, family drama and romance add fire to a feud between two families in Black Tulip. The Vonks and the Kesters are embroiled in a battle to see who can cultivate a rare flower. In The Swell, the most powerful storm in history is en route to the Netherlands and Belgium.

“We plan to highlight the quality and originality of our drama series to buyers and commissioning editors,” says Pim van Collem, the CEO and president of Dutch Features Global Entertainment. “We want them to know that our creative product is comparable to the highest levels of Scandinavian drama series.”

He adds, “These high-end drama series stand out…thanks to outstanding production values, fantastic storytelling and great original subject matter.”