Channel 5 Moves Forward in Talent-Nurturing Scheme


LONDON: Channel 5 has commissioned a project from a student within the National Film & Television School’s TV entertainment department, Sexts (w.t.), which it will air this summer.

Sexts is a light-hearted documentary about the act of sending sexually explicit messages and photos by mobile phones. The doc will feature case studies of people of all ages, spotlighting how technology is changing the way we flirt and sexually interact. The program is being made on site using NFTS production facilities. It is being developed and made by current and recent graduates and is being executive produced by David Croft, the head of television at the school. It is part of Channel 5’s commitment to helping talented students get a start in the TV industry.

Croft said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for these TV students to experience the demands of professional program-making. It is also a testament to TV department here at the NFTS that Channel 5 is prepared to invest so seriously in talented young people."

Ben Frow, the director of programs at Channel 5, added, “It’s crucial to support and nurture new talent in the TV industry. Through our relationship with the NFTS Channel 5 and this program commission, Channel 5 is doing just that.”