Eccho Rights Reveals Titles for MIPTV Lineup


STOCKHOLM: Eccho Rights is slated to showcase a slew of entertainment formats and scripted productions at this year’s MIPTV.

Among the entertainment formats to be presented are Watch Out, a comedy panel show; Crack Them Up, which looks on as ordinary individuals attempt to make comedians laugh; Jobs Without Frontiers, which asks four professionals to do their work on the other side of the world for one week; and Exit, a room escape game show. There is also My Way, a singing competition; Celebrity Express, which follows celebrities as they compete in a hitchhiking race in a remote location; and Hide and Seek, a family game show.

On the scripted side of the slate, Eccho Rights will be offering up Karadayi, a hit Turkish drama series; Ice Adonis, which focuses on a rivalry between stepsisters; Rest in Peace, a Croatian drama starring Judita Frankovic as an investigative journalist; The End, a psychological thriller; Dangerous Beauty, which revolves around a family that took in an orphaned young women; Ezel, another hit Turkish drama series; and Kuzey Guney, about a man who went to jail for a crime his brother committed.