Global Screen Adds to Slate


MUNICH: Global Screen’s catalogue for MIPCOM contains a number of feature films, series, documentaries and event movies, including Heroes, which it just acquired in a deal with Dreamtool Entertainment.

Heroes is produced by Dreamtool for Germany’s RTL. The film presents a disaster scenario set in 2013, when a French telecommunications satellite crashes into the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This cuts a trail a destruction, as 13 minutes later, all around the world more and more satellites plummet to Earth.

The company will be launching the event movie The Hunt for the Amber Room (Die Jagd nach dem Bernsteinzimmer).

Other films include To Have and to Hold (Hochzeiten), a romantic comedy; Year of the Dragon, (Jahr des Drachen) a romantic drama; Death of a Superhero, a drama; Fly Away (Bis zum Horizont, dann links!), a comedy; Finest Fairy Tales (Sechs auf einen Streich), a family entertainment movie collection; The Wonderful Adventure of Nils (Nils Holgersson), a family entertainment film; Goldrush: How to Sell Off a Country (Goldrausch: Die Geschichte der Treuhand), a human interest documentary; Five Days with Jonathan Franzen (Fünf Tage mit Jonathan Franzen), a portrait documentary; The Spy from the Pariser Platz (Der Spion vom Pariser Platz), a history documentary; The Big Five of South America (Big Five Südamerika), a nature and wildlife documentary; and Islands (Inseln), a culture and travelogue documentary.

Global Screen will also be highlighting shows such as Homicide Unit Istanbul (Mordkomission Istanbul), a crime collection; Alarm for Cobra 11 (Alarm für Cobra 11), an action series; Storm of Love (Sturm der Liebe), a romance/telenovela; IS 1: Danger in Paradise (IK 1: Touristen in Gefahr), an action/adventure show; Secretaries: Surviving from 9 to 5 (Sekretärinnen: Überleben von neun bis fünf), a comedy; CrimeTime: All Claire (Heiter bis Tödlich: Alles Klara), a crime series; and The Show with the Elephant (Die Sendung mit dem Elefanten), a family entertainment program.