Spanish Companies Prep for ATF Attendance


SINGAPORE: Spanish producers and distributors such as Imagina International Sales, Imira Entertainment, Motion Pictures and Vértice Sales are heading to the Asia TV Forum and will exhibit at the Spanish pavilion under the banner of Audiovisual from Spain.

The Spanish pavilion is organized by FAPAE (Federation of Audiovisual Producer’s Associations of Spain) in collaboration with ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade). Among the companies attending under the Audiovisual from Spain umbrella are Edebé Audiovisual Licensing, Explora Films, Film Factory, Imagina International Sales, Imira Entertainment, Motion Pictures and Vértice Sales.

Besides the Spanish pavilion in Singapore, Audiovisual from Spain has planed another commercial event in Asia, a Trade Mission to Japan organized by FAPAE with the support of ICEX and in collaboration with the Spanish Commercial Office in Tokyo. This event is to be held December 12 to 13. The Spanish companies visiting Japan are Edebé International Licensing, Explora Films, Filmax, Hirota Producciones, Imagina International Sales, Kukuxumusu, Latido Films, Mago Producciones, Motion Pictures and Vértice Sales.

Carlos Sevillano, the head of international sales of Explora Films, said: “Asia has achieved an increasing importance in the sales of Explora Films. This is reflected in a growing number of operations and the annual turnover. Today, the Asian markets represent around 10 percent of the company’s sales and this year we expect to increase this figure exponentially. Territories like China, Hong Kong or South Korea keep on acquiring titles from our catalogue, while new territories have started to bet for our productions. That is the case of Thailand, India or Singapore, among others.”

Xavier Mas, the director of international sales at Motion Pictures, commented, “ATF is an strategic event for us in order to optimize the exposure of our catalogue in the Asian territories as well as in other areas such as the Middle East, besides of a great mark to the bidirectional pitching of projects for potential co-production deals.

Ivan Agenjo, the sales director of Edebé International Licensing, added: “Animation is one of the most competitive products in Asia, so there are plenty of ways of collaboration between us. Edebé Audiovisual participates in ATF with different objectives. On one side, we want to widen the distribution of our animation series and the brands whose licensing and merchandising rights we represent. On the other hand, we also look for potential partners for co-production or servicing about our projects in portfolio, as well as possible third-party properties to represent worldwide.”