The Mediapro Studio & Boutique Filmes Pact for To Kill a Queen


The Brazilian production company Boutique Filmes has partnered with The Mediapro Studio to co-produce the dystopic thriller To Kill a Queen.

The eight-part series was inspired by the Brazilian beauty pageants that occurred in the 1950s, where the women exclusively served as symbols of maternity and matrimony. It follows former beauty pageant star Diana during Miss Brazil 2025 as she tries to find a way to destroy the competition’s hidden plan to turn all of the women into obedient housewives.

Ran Tellem, head of international content development at The Mediapro Studio, said: “With the advance of conservatism around the world, especially in Brazil, nothing would be more original than creating a futuristic reality inspired by retrograde values from the past.”

Gustavo Mello, executive producer of the new series and company partner of Boutique, said: “Our bet is that on the current international market we’ll be able to create emotional connections with the public of many countries, even if the series is not spoken in the English language. Being associated with The Mediapro Studio on this project says a lot about our intention of having international creative collaborations, searching for financing out of Brazil and keeping the rights of the shows we create.”

Mello added: “The Boutique has been recognized for productions of dystopian sci-fi, such as 3% and the recent Onisciente, which premieres on January 29 on Netflix, reaching 190 countries. With this perception, the producer decided to explore this genre even more, but now showing a soft kind of dystopia, since the story is set in 2025. The dystopian genre is one of the most popular in other territories and connects easily with the audience because it shows contradictions and dilemmas of the present.”