Video Interview: The Head’s John Lynch, Jorge Dorado & Ran Tellem

This Thursday, December 22, a second season of the acclaimed thriller The Head premieres simultaneously on HBO Max in the U.S. and HBO Spain.


Jorge Dorado is back in the director’s chair for all episodes of season two, co-created by Ran Tellem, director of international content development at The Mediapro Studio, who also returns as executive producer. Among the international cast reprising their roles is John Lynch (The Terror, The Fall).

The primary setting for the series is an isolated and inaccessible location, this time a huge freighter carrying a scientific mission as it sails the ocean and where the confrontation between good and evil that already marked the storyline of the first installment will be revisited.

Dorado, Tellem and Lynch talk to TV Drama Weekly’s Mansha Daswani about bringing back The Head for a second season.