Witness 36 Wins Series Mania Award at Berlinale


The Mediapro Studio’s spy thriller Witness 36 has won the Series Mania Award at the Berlinale Series Market’s Co-Pro Series.

The thriller sees the world’s major intelligence agencies create an extraterritorial witness protection program to safeguard individuals whose revelations could put global stability at risk. An English writer comes in to design new identities for those in the program, but her life falls apart when she meets a man whose profile turns out to be an accurate reflection of one of the false identities she creates.

The series takes place in Argentina, which is the country chosen to implement the witness protection program in its pilot phase due to its geopolitical isolation and historical neutrality.

Witness 36 is written by Natacha Caravia (Yosi, the Regretful Spy), Juan Matías Carballo (Love After Music, The Roar of the Butterflies) and Daniel Burman (Lost Embrace; Yosi, the Regretful Spy). The series is produced by Oficina Burman (The Mediapro Studio) and directed by Burman. American producer Michael Nozik (Quiz Show, The Motorcycle Diaries) joined the team at Oficina Burman for the project.

The Mediapro Studio Distribution will be distributing the series worldwide and will be presenting it at the Series Mania Co-Pro Pitch in March.

The series’ creators said, “Witness 36 is a reflection on the place of truth in the digital age through the exploration of identity, justice and second chances. Set in the world of espionage, it’s a story that transcends its genre. A story about forbidden love, betrayal and the difficulty of starting over.”