STUDIOCANAL Takes Full Control of TANDEM


STUDIOCANAL is increasing its current stake in STUDIOCANAL TV/TANDEM Productions to 100 percent, purchasing the remaining shares of partners Rola Bauer, Tim Halkin and Jonas Bauer.

Rola Bauer, founding partner and STUDIOCANAL TV’s managing director, will maintain some high-profile series through a non-exclusive consulting deal with STUDIOCANAL. These include the upcoming Shadowplay, created and written by award-winning Måns Mårlind (The Bridge, Midnight Sun),  as well as the 12-episode dramedy On the Verge, written by and starring Julie Delpy and Elisabeth Shue.

Anna Marsh, CEO of STUDIOCANAL, commented: “Upping our stake will benefit the continued growth of our global television production and distribution businesses. Rola is an excellent partner and incredibly talented executive and has strongly contributed to the development of STUDIOCANAL TV over the past eight years. On behalf of STUDIOCANAL, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Rola for her hard work and tremendous dedication.”

Bauer added: “My aim has always been to enlighten and entertain through television that transcends the boundaries. Founding this company over 20 years ago and further building it, together with STUDIOCANAL and the fantastic teams in Munich, Paris and London, led by Anna Marsh, has been an inspiring experience. It’s fulfilling to see the results, via the financing and creation of our international hit series such as ZeroZeroZero, Safe, Years & Years, War of the Worlds and the upcoming Shadowplay. There has never been a better time to be in the international content business, creating and connecting platforms for our future economic recovery. Very much looking forward to opening a new chapter.”