Calinos Lines Up New Broadcasters for Our Story, Forbidden Fruit


Calinos Entertainment has inked new deals in the MENA region and Israel for Our Story and in Greece for Forbidden Fruit.

Our Story centers on a family struggling to survive in one of the poorer districts of town. It follows Filiz, the eldest sibling who has become like a mother for her brothers and sisters. Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz star.

Forbidden Fruit tells the story of Yıldız and Zeynep, two sisters who are very close but have different characters and life goals. Zeynep is a girl who strictly adheres to her ethical values, aims to have a successful career and strives for it; while Yıldız believes that she deserves more and considers happiness to be a marriage with a rich man, who would save her from her low-income life.

Bechara Maroun, acquisitions and programming manager of MTV, said: “We are very happy to collaborate with Calinos Entertainment on Our Story. This is our second collaboration after the success of Woman. We actually saw the success history of Our Story in several territories where it has been broadcasted, and immediately knew the potential it could have in Lebanon, especially that the main actress Hazal Kaya has a big fan base in the country and is a familiar face of Turkish series. So far, it didn’t disappoint, and we are very pleased with the feedback the series is already getting from our audience. The warm atmosphere of the story, the mix of comedy and drama, as well as its lively characters who have very distinct voices, make it appeal to the whole family, and it has been getting very satisfying results at our 6 p.m. time slot.”