Geophil Acquires Turkish Dramas for Indian Market


The Dubai-based co-production and distribution studio Geophil has acquired multiple Turkish drama series for distribution in India from Calinos Entertainment, Inter Medya and MediaHub.

Among the acquired titles are Calinos Entertainment’s Deeply (Ilk Ve Son), Inter Medya’s Love Doesn’t Understand Words (Aşk Laftan Anlamaz) and MediaHub’s Broken Lives (Kirik Hayatlar). Additional acquired titles are Broken Destiny, Last Summer and Aziz.

Deeply is a romantic drama that focuses on the relationship of a young couple through their divorce a decade later. Love Doesn’t Understand Words centers on the workplace romance between the son of the owner of a large fashion company and an employee. Broken Lives, meanwhile, follows the sacrifices a couple makes to stay together, in spite of a mother who is willing to do anything for power.

In addition to its distribution business, Geophil is part of GlobalSphere Studios, a joint venture with MediaHub, focusing on co-producing Turkish dramas. Alaca, the first series under the GlobalSphere brand, premiered at MIPCOM 2023.

“Geophil is committed to working with the best Turkish distributors and studios to source series that captivate Indian audiences,” said Robin Phillip, managing director of Geophil. “Leveraging our content expertise in Türkiye, MENA and Asia, we carefully select shows we believe will succeed, especially as certain themes in Turkish programming strongly resonate with Indian viewers. As we further expand our global co-production efforts, we’re proud to serve as a leading hub for Turkish content consumption throughout India.”