Filming Commences for New Movistar Plus+ Original


Oliver Laxe (Fire Will Come) has begun shooting his new Movistar Plus+ original film, with Sergi López (Harry, He’s Here to Help) and Bruno Núñez (La Mesías) at the helm.

The upcoming title, produced in collaboration with El Deseo, Filmes Da Ermida, Uri Films and 4A4 Productions, is set to be released in theaters before reaching the streaming platform.

The film will be distributed in Spain by Bteam Pictures, and international sales will be handled by The Match Factory.

Laxe said: “Life will challenge the characters in the film, it will put them to the test in a radical and stark way, it will force them to ask themselves the important questions, to look inside, to search for the meaning of life, to draw from themselves the most beautiful thing that is contained in human nature. And they will live extreme adventures where the limits between life and death will be irremediably blurred.

“Sergi López will star in this journey accompanied by Bruno Núñez and a group of non-professional international actors. Together they will be the vehicle to show the convulsions that affect the world of our time, a time that is asking us all to look inside ourselves.”