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NTV’s Aria of the Doomed Bows on TenTime


Russia’s NTV is expanding its presence in the Middle East with the new availability of its period drama Aria of the Doomed, which has been dubbed in Arabic, on the regional VOD platform TenTime.

Global Agency is the international distributor of the project. The drama series tells the stories of the wives of “Enemies of the State” in Stalin’s Russia and centers on a women’s labor camp, reminding viewers of a difficult period in the history of the Soviet Union. The cast is led by Darya Ekamasova, Ekaterina Guseva and Kirill Pletnev, all of whom have won various awards in Russia.

Timur Weinstein, NTV general producer, said: “Aria of the Doomed has a special place in our library. The large-scale period piece dedicated to one of the most dramatic moments of Stalin’s rule is showing the struggles of everyday people. Historical shows are a recent addition to the NTV portfolio; we consider them custom-made pieces produced at the highest quality level possible. Audiences from all over the world are eager to watch them.”

Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Global Agency, added: “Aria of the Doomed is a drama centering on the lives of prisoners in a labor camp for women at the time of Stalin. It has a really strong story and a successful cast. We’re so pleased to announce this good news for Aria of the Doomed. We have had faith in its potential from the first day we launched it. It’s one of the best dramas in our strong and unique catalog.”

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