NTV’s Noble Detective Headed to Japan


NTV’s period crime thriller Noble Detective is set to air on the AXN Mystery channel in Japan next year.

Set in early 20th-century Tsarist Russia, the series centers on Nikolay Bezsonov, a young man of noble birth who joins the criminal police. Only experienced investigator Pyotr Schukin sees Nikolay’s potential to become a star crime detective.

The crime series will become available for subscribers of five online services through the AXN Mystery on-demand SVOD platform.

Timur Weinstein, NTV’s general producer, said: “The Japanese media market is highly closed-off and particular, and until very recently there was no Russian-made content there at all. Even now very few content makers are allowed there. To get our foot in the door, and more importantly, to solidify our position there is a great success for both NTV and the Russian media industry as a whole. Seeing that the Japanese media industry works mostly with short miniseries, we experimented by first granting them the rights to just a few episodes. Fortunately, the Noble Detective narrative structure is perfect for that. I’m happy for the Japanese TV viewers who will soon be able to watch the new exploits of the Russian crime detective.”