MIPTV Spotlight: Russia Television and Radio/Sovtelexport


CANNES: Karen Shakhnazarov, one of Russia’s most renowned film directors, has given new life to a classic tale in Anna Karenina, which is being presented by Russia Television and Radio/Sovtelexport.

“No detail has been spared to achieve the atmosphere of true luxury and authenticity of the surroundings,” says Julia Matiash, the director of Sovtelexport, which sells programming from Russia Television and Radio.

The company is also offering the market Ekaterina, centered on the eponymous Russian empress. “It dives into the empress’s love perils, constant betrayals that she had to withstand and the challenges and contradictions of being a woman and a monarch,” Matiash says. “Global viewers will find it captivating and mesmerizing.”

The film Demon of the Revolution focuses on the historical figures Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Parvus, who played pivotal roles in the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Matiash adds, “Our mission has always been to introduce top Russian TV products to the world.”