ATF Spotlight: Russia Television and Radio/Sovtelexport


Sovtelexport is presenting three series from Russia Television and Radio that are rooted in real events.

Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes is based on a novel by Guzel Yakhina inspired by her grandmother’s dramatic life. “It is a touching story about a woman who finally finds her own voice and starts building a life for herself,” says Julia Matyash, director of Sovtelexport.

The Blood Widow tells the story of a Russian serial killer who tortured and murdered over a hundred innocent serfs. Matyash says, “The Blood Widow is a spine-chilling thriller based on a real-life story of the most notorious female serial killer in Russia.”

On the Edge is an action series about three young women who fight for their lives and freedom. Sovtelexport is looking to maintain its ties with partners in markets such as China and South Korea while securing new ones in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia.