MIPCOM Spotlight: Kanal D International


Set in 1980, the Kanal D International MIPCOM highlight A Father’s Promise follows a struggling factory worker who faces dire financial circumstances in a quest to save his wife’s life.

After she dies and he is rejected by his boss, he flees to avoid arrest and leaves his daughter in an orphanage. Later, he infiltrates the family who adopts her.

Daylight centers on a girl whose university plans are postponed when her family makes the sudden decision to move away from Istanbul. Farewell Letter, meanwhile, tells the story of two opposed families whose fate lies in the hands of their children.

“Universal themes such as love, family, sacrifice and human connection often transcend cultural boundaries, making these series appealing to a diverse international audience,” says Selim Türkmen, sales director.

Türkmen adds, “Each title features a compelling and relatable storyline that resonates with a wide range of viewers.”