MIPCOM Spotlight: atv Distribution


On offer from atv Distribution, Safir centers on Feraye, a housekeeper for a wealthy family who falls in love with Yaman, one of the heirs.

When she discovers he is going to marry someone else, she sets the house on fire but is saved by Yaman’s brother Ateş. “Our titles are curated with cultural richness, engaging storytelling and high production values,” says Müge Akar, head of sales for Europe, Asia and Africa.

In Street Birds, five kids working for a dangerous man take in a baby they discover in a trash bin. After the man murders a woman who comes looking for the baby, the kids abandon their territory. The Father sees a former assassin fake his own death after avenging his brother’s murder.

“Our catalog boasts a robust selection, including our cherished golden classics, enduring long-running series, captivating miniseries and added brand-new series,” adds Akar.