ATF Spotlight: atv Distribution


Safir, leading atv Distribution’s slate, follows Feraye, a housekeeper for a wealthy family who falls in love with Yaman, one of the heirs.

When Yaman is forced to marry another woman, Feraye sets the house on fire. Yaman’s brother Ateş saves her and agrees to marry her to unite his family.

Street Birds, meanwhile, centers on five kids who find an abandoned baby while working for a dangerous man. They desert their territory after the man kills the woman who comes looking for the baby.

“Turkish dramas are captivating audiences across Asia, gaining popularity in regions like Pakistan, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia,” says Müge Akar, head of sales. “Known for universal themes, high production quality and cultural resonance, these shows connect with viewers.”

“We’re committed to growing in this market as we strengthen our ties with our customers,” adds Akar.