ATF Spotlight: TV Asahi


TV Asahi’s Ossan’s Love, which gained popularity in Japan and other Asian countries, is returning after a years-long hiatus as Ossan’s Love Returns.

It follows a love triangle between three men: Haruta, who is in his 30s and desperately seeking true love; Kurosawa, his married boss; and Maki, his handsome colleague and roommate. “Japan is a developed society, but we continue to face many social issues, and such issues are often the backdrop of our stories,” says Yukie Uwakubo, sales executive for finished content and formats.

Hayabusa Fire Brigade is based on the latest novel written by Japanese novelist Jun Ikeido. The story explores a series of arson cases and suspicious deaths in a quiet village. Having aired recently in Japan, the show features twists, turns and an unexpected ending.

“TV Asahi is focusing on finished programs and scripted format sales,” adds Uwakubo.