ATF Spotlight: ATV


ATV’s slate for ATF features the brand-new drama series A Little Sunshine.

The drama centers on Hakan and Elif, a happily married couple whose life is only missing a child. When Hakan gets in an accident, he is found dead with a little girl beside him, and Elif learns she is listed as the girl’s biological mother. As she takes the child under her care, Elif discovers more about her husband’s double life, including that he had a lot of debt.

“The series is performing very well in its local market, and it has already attracted great attention from our key international markets,” says Müge Akar, head of sales for Europe, Asia and Africa at ATV. “As we are increasing our presence in Asia, A Little Sunshine will accelerate this trend.”

Akar adds, “A Little Sunshine is a perfect, tailor-made show.”