Daylight to Reach the U.S.


The romantic drama Daylight (Luz de día) is set to bow on Kanal D Drama in the U.S.

The series follows Gece, a young woman from Istanbul, who plans to go to university during the summer to study music with her boyfriend, Emir. However, all her dreams are postponed when her sister faces unexpected health issues.

The cast includes Emre Kınay, Caner Topçu and Sümeyye Aydogan.

Daylight will premiere on March 6. It will also be available on the Kanal D Drama app in the region.

Luz de día is an inspiring story that explores the theme of love, sacrifice and personal discovery,” said Francheska León de la Barra, VP of marketing and communications for Thema América (marketing and communications representative of Kanal D Drama). “The series is a journey full of emotions, which masterfully combines a large cast of young actors with impressive natural settings, adding beauty to the plot and promising to immerse all fans of Turkish dramas in U.S. in the universe and the vicissitudes of its protagonists.”