Max Lines Up Polish Original


The Easterngate, one of the first Max original series in Poland, has started production.

The suspense thriller delves into the world of modern espionage during an emerging conflict and international unrest. Unfolding during the spring of 2021 in Belarus (Minsk), Poland and Russia, the series is directed by Jan P. Matuszyński and stars Lena Góra.

The series follows the journey of Ewa Oginiec (Góra), who, after a personal drama, aims to exit the secret service and start over. Things take a twist when her partner, also an agent, gets outed by Russian intelligence and vanishes mysteriously.

The title The Easterngate refers to the Suwałki Gap, which is a critical spot along the border between Poland and Lithuania, both NATO member states, as well as Belarus and Russia (including the Kaliningrad Oblast which is a separate exclave from the main Russian territory). The Suwałki Gap is recognized as one of Europe’s top three hotspots, a critical territory for protecting NATO’s eastern flank and maintaining regional stability.