Hera Pictures Producing I Fought the Law for ITV


I Fought the Law, based on Ann Ming’s book For the Love of Julie, is being produced for ITV by Hera Pictures, in association with All3Media International.

The series will tell the story of Ming, whose 22-year-old daughter Julie disappeared in 1989. Eighty days after her disappearance, Ming was the one who found Julie’s body concealed in her own bathroom, despite police forensics teams having conducted searches. When her daughter’s murderer was later controversially acquitted twice, Ming spent 15 years battling the criminal justice system and the double jeopardy law to make sure he faced justice.

The double jeopardy Law states no one can be convicted twice for the same crime. Ming’s daughter’s murderer was acquitted following two mistrials, and Ming’s battle eventually repealed the law. Throughout her fight, she took on the criminal justice system, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Law Commission, eminent Defense Barristers in television debates, the government, the Lord Chancellor, the Attorney General and two Home Secretaries.

Filming is set to begin in August 2024 in Teesside and its surrounding areas, in collaboration with North East Screen via the North East Production fund. All3Media International will handle international distribution.

Screenwriter Jamie Crichton (All Creatures Great and Small, The Last Kingdom, Grantchester) is penning the series adaptation, and Sheridan Smith is attached to star as Ming.

“I am very pleased that Hera Pictures will tell the story of my campaign to overturn the double jeopardy law,” Ming said. “My daughter’s killer was wrongfully acquitted, and a number of years later confessed to her murder, for which he could only be prosecuted for perjury due to the 800-year-old double jeopardy law. I wasn’t going to let this stand in my way of getting justice for Julie. I’m overwhelmed that Sheridan Smith will be playing me. Having such an iconic and talented actress portray me is truly wonderful.”

“I am so honored to have been asked to play the role of Ann Ming, a mother so determined to fight for justice for her murdered daughter that she spent 15 years campaigning for the Double Jeopardy Law to be changed,” Smith said. “She is a truly courageous and remarkable woman to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude.”

Liza Marshall, executive producer, commented, “It’s a privilege to be working with Sheridan, Jamie and Hera Pictures to bring Ann Ming’s extraordinary and unwavering fight for justice for her daughter to ITV. Ann took on the establishment, overturned the law and made history. She is a reminder of the power one voice can have.”

“As soon as I heard Ann’s story, of her iron resolve and unbelievable courage to see justice done in the face of adversity, I knew this was one that had to be told,” Crichton added. “Ann is a shining beacon of what can be achieved if you stop at nothing to make your voice heard. In an age when it’s all too easy to feel helpless, we need more Ann Mings in the world.”