Dynamic Acquires Norwegian Drama Dates in Real Life


Dynamic Television has picked up the worldwide distribution rights for NRK’s upcoming romantic drama Dates in Real Life.

The series follows the dating adventures of a young adult who has spent most of her social life in a virtual reality world but becomes determined to find love in the physical world when her online boyfriend reveals he has another woman in real life. Production is set to begin next month, with creator and writer Jakob Rørvik (Thomas vs Thomas, Nothing Ever Really Ends) directing.

The series is being produced by Maipo Film, with funding from NRK, SVT, DR, Yle, RUV, the Norwegian Film Institute and the Nordisk Film & TV Fond. Producers are Petter Onstad Løkke and Synnøve Hørsdal. The series is expected to premiere in 2024.

Dates in Real Life is a modern story that taps into the zeitgeist of how so many young people are living their lives today,” said Annika Schmidt, head of German originals and European co-productions for Dynamic Television. “It’s an eye-opening but charming romance story that speaks to anyone who has ever been in love.”

“We’ve had a very good collaboration with Jakob Rørvik as a writer and director for many years, and we are so happy to now produce his first drama series,” said Hørsdal, CEO of Maipo. “We’ve experienced a lot of interest in Dates in Real Life, but to us, Dynamic Television is the perfect partner for this project. They are very hands on, have an impressive network internationally and most importantly, we share the same vision for the series.”

Rørvik said, “We follow Ida through a full year in her life as she moves back and forth between the online and the physical world, between romance at a distance and up close. I believe this is an always relevant story about two former lovers that might find back together, but the setting of the story is very much NOW. It’s a series that mixes drama and wry comedy with an empathetic look at modern romance. And above all, Dates in Real Life is a very contemporary take on a young character’s journey to self acceptance.”

Dates in Real Life is describing a way to celebrate love that we have not previously seen so much of on Norwegian screens,” added Marianne Furevold Boland, head of drama for NRK. “It is a warm love story that ties the digital narrative seamlessly with traditional storytelling. Jakob Rørvik is a very talented series creator and director who manages to create unique universes, characters and stories that give us entertaining, beautiful, smart, funny and sexy perspectives on being human. There is no single answer to how we should live; we have to figure it out for ourselves. Dates in Real Life is a series about daring to live, daring to throw oneself into life and trusting oneself and love. NRK Drama will constantly strive to find new ways to tell stories about our present and to reflect our audience. Dates in Real Life is a good example of a series that delivers on this mission.”