CJ ENM Showcases A Bloody Lucky Day


CJ ENM showcased the global hit series A Bloody Lucky Day with a panel and screening session at MIPTV.

At the showcase, creatives from Studio Dragon and CJ ENM discussed how the virtual production stage within the CJ ENM Studio Center was used to shoot the series, which follows the journey of an ordinary taxi driver who becomes entangled with a serial killer passenger.

The series filmed many of its road-driving scenes on the virtual production stage, a state-of-the-art facility with large LED screens covering all the walls and the ceiling. It incorporates various backgrounds necessary for video shooting on the LED screens.

Scenes where the taxi driver travels from Seoul to the countryside were filmed by changing the background screens according to the situation. Through the use of real-time, high-resolution LED background screens adjusted according to the camera’s depth and position, scenes resembling cars driving on the road were able to be depicted realistically.

A Bloody Lucky Day can be streamed on TVING in Korea and on Paramount+ globally. It is licensed by Paramount Global Content Distribution outside of Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

A Bloody Lucky Day is a case where we achieved both shortened shooting time and high video quality through virtual production,” said Soon-gyu Choi, a producer at Studio Dragon, who was in charge of the series. “We were free from external factors such as road control or weather changes, and we could install shooting equipment more freely than conventional methods, enabling various directions. Moreover, the time required for postproduction work could be significantly reduced.”

“We are pleased to be recognized in a global market where industry expertise and professionals gather and to have the opportunity to discuss the integration of virtual production technology in K-content,” said Hyunoh Choi, the VFX supervisor at CJ ENM. “CJ ENM will continue to showcase more K-content using our innovative production capabilities.”

Sehee Jang, the head of global marketing at CJ ENM, added, “The series has attracted considerable attention even before its release, notably at the Busan International Film Festival. Following its launch, the spotlight has further intensified on its lead actors and directorial excellence, generating widespread interest among global audiences. Numerous inquiries are pouring in regarding CJ ENM’s virtual production technology and CJ ENM Studio, indicating an expansion of future partnerships for upcoming K-contents.”