Open TV Launches My Sweet Lie Remake


Open TV in Greece has debuted Like a Lie (Σαν ψέμα), a brand-new romantic comedy-drama based on the Turkish format My Sweet Lie.

International distributor Eccho Rights licensed the script rights to Open TV, which becomes the second international broadcaster to commission a treatment of the series following the successful Slovakian adaptation for Markiza, a second season of which is currently airing.

Like a Lie stars Nikos Polyderopoulos (The Tattoo) as Peter, a single father who, after being abandoned by his wife, maintains a lie to his daughter that her mother is away traveling but will one day return.

“This is a unique and brilliant format, with a warm family story at its heart that lends itself perfectly to local adaptation,” said Handan Özkubat, director of Turkish drama at Eccho Rights. “The original was a huge phenomenon, and the Slovakian version has been a returning favorite for the past 18 months, so we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this latest version from our friends in Greece.”