Quebecor Fund Unveils Recipients of Production Funding Program


The Quebecor Fund has revealed the list of Canadian production companies that will receive financial backing in the 44th round of the fund’s Television Production Assistance Program.

In this round, the fund will disburse a total of more than $2.4 million.

Under the Support for the Creation of Intellectual Property component, $550,000 is being granted to three projects from Productions KOTV, Productions Squeeze and Productions Carpediem. The broadcasters that are investing in the development of the projects are Société Radio-Canada and Télé-Québec.

Under the Support for the Production of Intellectual Property for International Markets component, launched in partnership with the Canada Media Fund (CMF), Quebecor Fund is contributing $1,891,667 in this round and the CMF $593,333 for a total of $2,485,000. Quebecor Fund’s contribution will be divided among nine fiction series produced by Productions Pixcom (international distributor: Pixcom), Les Productions Sovimage (international distributor: Encore Télévision), Trio Orange, Encore Télévision, Aetios Productions, Sphère Média, Les Productions ALSO and Duo Productions. The CMF’s contribution will be divided among seven of these projects. The selected productions will air in Canada on TVA Group, Société Radio-Canada and Bell Media.

Fiction series funded under the Television Production Assistance Program, support for the production of intellectual property for international markets component, include Pixcom Productions’ Les Affluents, Les Productions Sovimage’s L’empereur, Trio Orange’s Last Summers of the Raspberries (Le Temps des framboises), Encore Télévision’s La Candidate, Sphère Média’s Aller simple, Aetios Productions’ Derniers recours, Productions ALSO’s Désobéir—Le Choix de Chantale Daigle, Encore Télévision’s Moi non plus and Duo Productions’ Ma mère.

Since its inception in 1999, Quebecor Funds Television Production Assistance Program has supported a total of 346 projects involving 98 production companies, 49 Canadian broadcasters and 59 foreign broadcasters with grants totaling more than $97.2 million under all of its components combined. Of the funding granted since spring 2017 under Quebecor Fund’s three components, 21 percent has gone to documentaries, 20 percent to programs for children/youth, 20 percent to variety/performing arts and 39 percent to drama.