MIPTV Spotlight: Canada Media Fund


CANNES: Of the variety of initiatives that the Canada Media Fund (CMF) engages with, developing new co-production opportunities for Canadian producers continues to be a top priority.

As consumers have growing access to content from all corners of the world, the production community benefits greatly from working on the international front and sharing expertise, talent and access to markets,” says Valerie Creighton, the president and CEO of the CMF. “Maximizing the potential of co-productions is one of our goals for the current year. This is why we are developing and renewing partnerships with funding organizations similar to ours in countries around the world.” A focus for the CMF at MIPTV is to showcase the wealth and diversity of on- and off-screen talent in Canada that can “engage international audiences and reach new markets,” Creighton says.

“The CMF is a unique private-public partnership created to support television and digital media production in Canada,” she adds.