CMF Pacts with Luxembourg & South Africa Organizations


The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has partnered with Film Fund Luxembourg (FFL) and South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) to contribute over C$792,000 ($620,000) in either the co-development and co-production of five projects.

The two international funding organizations will approximately match the CMF’s total investments of C$405,000 ($317,000) in co-development and co-production investments.

Through the Canada-Luxembourg Co-Development and Co-Production Incentive for Audiovisual Projects, CMF and FFL are contributing C$597,400 ($467,000) to the co-development and co-production of two digital media projects. The projects are Giltrude’s Dwelling (Peterson Polaris Corp, Canada; Calach Films, Luxembourg) and The Dollhouse (Zazie Films, Canada; Wild Fang Films, Luxembourg).

Through this round of funding, the CMF and the National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa will invest C$194.3K ($152,000) in the following three projects: The Transmogrification of St. Bunnycrisp (Arcana Studio, Canada; DO Productions, South Africa), Blood Horn (w.t.) (Don Carmody Television, Canada; Helena Spring Films, South Africa) and RIO 10 (Inner City Films, Canada; Spier Films, South Africa).