ComediHa! Acquires The Boys Franchise


ComediHa! has secured an agreement with the Montreal-based production company Melenny Productions to pick up The Boys film and television franchise.

The Boys (Les Boys) franchise spawned five movies and five television seasons in Quebec over the course of 15 years. The sporty comedy features the friendship between a team of amateur hockey players from different walks of life, with the locker room their mutual sanctuary. Together they face life’s challenges on and off the rink.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Boys, ComediHa! is creating a new feature film for 2022. In addition to this new project in Canada, an international adaptation is under consideration in France and the U.S.

Sylvain Parent-Bédard, president and CEO at ComediHa!, said: “It’s a real pleasure and honor for the company to acquire this popular franchise! The Boys has been conquering the hearts of Quebecers for several generations and a whole new chapter is now in store for the brand! The 25th anniversary will allow us to continue this great adventure, which we hope to take across borders and reach new audiences, in addition to satisfying its loyal fans.”