Kids’ TV Alums Set up New Canadian Production Company


Michelle Melanson, former president of Radical Sheep Productions, has established a new full-service development and production outfit in Toronto called Headspinner Productions with Ken Cuperus (The Stanley Dynamic).

Headspinner currently has three shows in active development: Cabin 51, a family event drama; Made in China, an adoption dramedy; and a single-camera teen sitcom. The first two projects are in development with Canadian broadcasters and seeking international partners, while the latter is being developed with a major U.S. channel.

The company is looking to discuss co-pros, partnerships and service production for youth live action and animation, as well as prime-time comedy and drama.

While at Radical Sheep, Melanson developed and produced such hit series as The Next Step, Fangbone!, The Bagel and Becky Show and Tee & Mo. Cuperus is known for co-creating and showrunning The Stanley Dynamic.

“We are thrilled to combine forces and work on projects that are truly meaningful to us,” said Melanson. “Headspinner is now born into the world and with our experience, passion and energy, we look forward to partnering with the best to create original, groundbreaking content.”